Aug. 9th, 2006

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Weren't much on the rock I grew up on. Folks came an' went for trade occasionally. Mostly prairie, mostly farms. Same folk you knew as a child were the folk you knew as a teenager an' would be the folk you married, raised children an' died with. No one new came an' stayed I reckon. Most excitin' thing was when a ship would land, stay for a bit. Sometimes town went off and threw a party, sayin' they'd arrived just in time for this or that festival. Gave the girls time t'dance with new fellas, which didn't really make the boys at home all that happy, but they knew soon enough the ship would leave an' the girls would be theirs again.

Who else were they gonna turn to?

Sometimes folk signed on to those ships, headed off the rock an' never looked back, but that were rare. We weren't the place people came lookin' to hire on new crew.

It was isolatin' sometimes, but it was protected, too. We were too far in from the border for Reavers to pay us much mind, and too far out from the Core for Alliance to interfere too much. We were, I reckon. An' we never changed. It was suffocatin' in its own way, an' I dreamed about breakin' out an' away for most of my life. Didn't think it'd ever happen, though. Weren't no ships came 'round that didn't have a mechanic on board already. Even Serenity had one.

But when he couldn't fix her, an' I did, everything changed. I got a chance to break outta there, an' I took it. I miss my folks sometimes, an' it's always nice to get mail from them, but I ain't ever goin' back in there, trapped like that. I'll take my ship, an' my Captain, an' the black expanse any day an' twice on Sundays over livin' back there again.


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