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Kaylee: *blinks* "Are the girls there insane?"
Warren: *shrugs* "One of them was."
Kaylee: Well, that don't explain why the others weren't just all over you...
Warren: *slight smile* They were afraid I'd roast them?
Kaylee: Well, that's just silly.
Warren: That's high school
Kaylee: ...I guess?
Warren: *slight smile*
Kaylee: *beams at him*
Warren: *smiles almost shyly back*
Kaylee: The girls at your school need to ... somethn'.
Warren: *shrugs, pretending not to be bothered* People avoid me. It's been four years, I'm kind of used to it by now.
Kaylee: *rubs his shoulder a little bit* That don't seem right.
Warren: Maybe not. BUt it's what is.
Kaylee: *frowns* I'm sorry.
Warren: Not your fault. *shrugs*
Kaylee: Still. *brushes his hair back a bit*
Warren: *smiles a little, startled by her touch*
Kaylee: *smiles back*
Warren: *reaches out, a little hesitant, tugs gently on her hair in a sort of mimicry of her gesture*
Kaylee: *grins, wrinkling her nose* I ought to have Inara brush it or somethin'. It gets to be such a mess.
Warren: *chuckles, just a bit* Mine used to be greasy. I think I grew out of that.
Kaylee: I think everyone's is greasy at some point. 'Cept 'Nara's. I bet 'Nara's wasn't ever greasy.
Warren: *smiles* I bet hers was too, even if it doesn't look it now.
Kaylee: *rueful* I doubt it.
Warren: Hey, no matter how pretty, or grand, or rich, or powerful they are? They still get their feet caught in their shorts and wake up with bed hair like everyone else. *gently chucks her chin*
Kaylee: *little smile* I guess so.
Warren: I know so.
Kaylee: Well, she's got to have something to stop the bed hair. I mean, she'd want to impress her clients.
Warren: That's where the hour and a half of prep time comes in.
Kaylee: *giggles* Prob'ly. She sometimes does mine, but Captain gets annoyed.
Warren: Why?
Kaylee: Well, mostly 'cause it takes me away from work, but moreso that 'Nara makes him tetchy.
Warren: He's got a thing for her.
Kaylee: In a big way.
Warren: How does she feel?
Kaylee: Oh, she's got it bad for him, too, but she...they...they don't talk right neither.
Warren: *slow nod, pushing his hair back with one hand, which does no good as it falls back over his face*
Kaylee: *grins, pushing it back for him again, tucking it behind his ear*
Warren: *smiles* You're really not afraid of much, are you.
Kaylee: *blinks* Sure I am. I'm afraid of lots of things.
Warren: Like what. *curious*
Kaylee: *immediately* Guns.
Warren: Using them or getting shot?
Kaylee: Been shot. Makes you not want to be again. An' I just...*a little pale* I tried, once. Shooting one. We had to rescue the captain and I just...I just froze. Folks were shooting at us an' I couldn't do anything.
Warren: *nods slowly* Guns are a lot easier to get used to if the first thing you shoot is a pop can, or a bottle. Something that doesn't bleed. My uncle taught me how to shoot. I think he thought it would help me control my powers if I could aim and shoot something that wasn't a part of me. It was fun, then. I've never shot anyone else with a gun before, though. *slight smile, reaching out and tugging lightly at her hair again* What happened when you got shot?
Kaylee: *tries to smile* Fed wanted to take Simon and River in, an' I walked in an' he shot me. Simon saved me, but I almost died.
Warren: *watching her for a moment, then, hesitating only once, slings an arm around her*
Kaylee: *a little surprised, but then snuggles up a bit* It was in the stomach. Cap'n says that's 'bout the worst place to get shot if it don't kill you outright.
Warren: *nods slightly* It's supposed to be the most painful place you can get hurt. Shot or gutted or anything else.
Kaylee: *nods just a little* It surely was that, what I remember at least.
Warren: *hugs*
Kaylee: *hugs back*
Warren: *smiles slightly* They better not let you get shot again, or I'll have to get angry at them.
Kaylee: *smiles a bit more* I'll be sure an' tell them that.
Warren: *hesitates for a second, then kisses her cheek like he saw Gibbs do* Good.
Kaylee: *grins* Cap'n might like you just for that.
Warren: *wry smile* I wouldn't be too sure about that.
Kaylee: *brightly* He threatened to kill Simon if I died.
Warren: *laughs* Okay. Um. Yeah, maybe he would, then.
Kaylee: 'Course he also threatened to duct tape my mouth shut.
Warren: And why'd he do that?
Kaylee: He said sometimes I was just so cheerful it made you want to duct tape my mouth.
Warren: *dry, but smiling* I can see that, too.
Warren: Layla gets like that sometime.
Kaylee: *sticks her tongue out* Really?
Warren: *grins at her* Uh-huh. She dragged me out to Homecoming to make the guy she had a crush on jealous.
Kaylee: *speculative look* An' you went?
Warren: Well, yeah.
Kaylee: Huh. Did you have fun?
Warren: *wry* After the crazy girl who turned everyone into babies got her ass kicked, yeah, I had fun. *flash of a smile, even affection, definite satisfaction, sliding into confusion, hurt, and sadness, back to neutral/amused again* Lots of fun.
Kaylee: *brushes fingers over his forehead, frowning at all the looks*
Warren: *slight one-shoulder shrug, hugging her lightly and partly to make her forget* It was fun while it lasted.
Kaylee: An' then she went off with the boy she wanted to make jealous?
Warren: *wry laugh* He didn't go. Well, he turned up at the end when he realized his ex-girlfriend was completely crazy. And yeah, hanging around with Layla wasn't as .. it was fun.
Kaylee: That's good, then. *smiles*
Warren: *smiles*
Kaylee: *kisses his cheek*
Warren: *sort fo blinks a little, but the pleased kind of blink*
Kaylee: You're nice. It's a pity you've got a girl.
Warren: ... Thanks? But I don't have a girl yet. At least, I dont' think I do. *smiles a little* Aren't you aiming for Simon, anyway?
Kaylee: *shrugs* I don't think he's ever gonna make a move.
Warren: Stupid.
Kaylee: *shrugs again, picking at her overalls*
Warren: *plays with the ends of her hair*
Kaylee: *smiles at him, just a touch sadly*
Warren: Hey. *smiles*
Kaylee: Yeah?
Warren: Cheer up, emo kid.
Kaylee: *blinks* Emo kid?
Warren: *soft laughter* Um. All sad and depressed, I guess. Emo stands for emotional.
Kaylee: *chin up* I'm not depressed. Jus' frustrated.
Warren: *doesn't so much straighten as determine himself for something* Anything I can do to help?
Kaylee: *grins just a little* I'm figuring you're not offering to knock sense into Simon? Or if you are, it won't work. He doesn't do well with violence.
Warren: *wry* I'm not all that good at knocking sense into people anyway. My aim seems to be off.
Kaylee: So....*slightly bigger smile*
Warren: *smiles, almost shyly* I guess I'm the guy of choice when it comes to making people jealous?
Kaylee: Well, I ain't really one to play games. It never turns out well for me...*a little bit brighter* But if you're offerin' to take my mind off of it...
Warren: *kisses her cheek, almost hesitant, but not unsure of himself* I can do that, too.
Kaylee: *tiny flush* Well, if that weren't what you were offerin...
Warren: I'm not offering anything in specific.
Kaylee: Oh. So...we're not talkin' about sex?
Warren: *chokes a bit on that, the bluntness* We could be. *slightly goofy smile*
Kaylee: *brightens again* Yeah?
Warren: Yeah. *chuckles*
Kaylee: That'd be shiny.
Warren: *laughs* Okay, then.
Kaylee: *flash of concern* You are as old as you look, right?
Warren: *amused* I'm eightteen.
Kaylee: *nods* 'kay. That's 'bout what I figured. Somewhere around there.
Warren: *chuckles* Okay.


Date: 2006-05-18 11:04 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/_fredless/
This was great! Thanks for the morning read.


Date: 2006-05-18 02:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] xiaomeimei.livejournal.com
:) Glad to have helped.


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