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Name of Muse: Kaylee Frye
Fandom/Type of Muse (example – Star Wars/Original Character): Firefly/Serenity
Link to muse profile page: http://xiaomeimei.livejournal.com/profile
Mun name, nickname or handle: Bria
Best way to get a message to the mun: email bria.ferguson at gmail dot com
Do you use AIM or any other IM? AIM -- ladyofbrileith
One hundred words about the muse that everyone should know:

Kaylee is post-Serenity, mostly, except for not having a Simon to RP with, so I've made her sort of single unless we should get one who wants to play that out.
She's the mechanic for the Firefly vessel Serenity under the command of Capt. Malcolm Reynolds.
An eternal optimist, Kaylee rarely gets down for long. She's not quite a Pollyanna, though. She's terrified of dying, and freezes up when asked to shoot people--though less after the battle with the Reavers. She's a bit lonely and disgruntled about not having a special someone of her own, but with that optimistic streak, she lives in eternal hope.
She's friendly and trusting to the point that it could work to her detriment, but somehow her always seeing the good in people seems to bring it out, and she is blessed to feel like a part of a large, loving family.
She loves Serenity like the ship is a person, and can't imagine ever leaving her.

Prompt only, or available to roleplay? Both!
Posting tag: Kaylee Frye
Link to memories or tag page showing RotM posts: http://xiaomeimei.livejournal.com/tag/rotm


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