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She flies and that's about the most important thing, least to most of us. It's my job to keep her flying, and that's what I do. Or try to do. Most of the time she lets me know when something ain't right. Gives me time to get her fixed. Keep her in the air. That's all the Captain asks. What he gave me the job for. I get to keep my job so long as I keep her flying.

I almost didn't once. I let her down. Didn't hear what she was telling me. See, there was this compression coil and Captain was right, it don't do much of anything, least not until it ain't working. Then you're in trouble. Engines don't turn. And if the engines don't turn, well, then she don't fly and there ain't no air for the rest of us neither.

Captain got that one fixed all on his own and I was real proud of him.

Rest of the time though, she flies good and true. She's my good girl and me and her, we're a team, despite everything some folks do to try and knock her out of the sky like trying to reenter atmo just a bit too fast. Ain't the engine's fault when we go hurtling toward the ground then, but I got to say, I do worry about her then quite a bit. Worry someday she's gonna stop flying and won't be nothing we can do to get her up again.

But that day ain't here yet. For today? She's flying real good and so are we.


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