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Name:Kaylee Frye
Birthdate:Jan 31
Ain't much to say. I'm Kaylee Frye. I'm the mechanic onboard Serenity, which is the shiniest Firefly class starship you're ever gonna see. Me and her, we understand each other and that makes my job much easier. My job's to keep her flyin' and I can usually do it real good. Somedays it's harder than others, but there ain't anywhere in the 'verse I'd rather be.

Her crew's my family. I'd do anything for 'em. Best remember that. Somebody messes with the ship well...Me and them's gonna have words. I'd say we'd have more than words, but I ain't that shiny with a gun.

Background: Kaylee was born on an outlying world, apparently consisting of a lot of prairie's (Mal calls her a "prairie harpy" before he gets her name). Her father's a mechannic there, and she exhibits an exceptional aptitude for mechanical work at a young age that her father calls a gift. Despite no formal training, she helps her father out whenever he's able to get work. One day, the she meets Bester, the mechanic for the ship Serenity which is set down on her home planet, and in need of repair. She heads to the ship with Bester, having sex with him in the engine room so she can get a look at the engine. Mal walks in on them, and asks Bester just when he'll have the ship fixed--Bester says it can't be. Kaylee says it can, and proceeds to fix the ship. Bester is fired. Kaylee is hired, and she leaves her rock of a homeworld behind and travels on as part of Serenity's crew. When the crew takes on Simon and River Tam as passengers, Kaylee quickly develops a crush on the handsome and talented young doctor, but he seems oblivious, his focus mostly on his sister and finding out what happened to her, keeping her away from the Alliance's notice and out of Mal's way. The crew generally works smuggling jobs, in between the odd legitimate bit of business and cargo transport. Every now and then they get involved in outright thievery. Kaylee's role is mostly support, keeping the ship running so they can get away. She's not good with weapons, and doesn't like to be in a fight, though she doesn't have many moral qualms about working in the shadows of the law on the outskirts of the civilized 'verse.

Canon point of entry into village: Between the end of the series and movie.

Personality: If there is one personality trait that defines Kaylee Frye it is cheerfulness. She is perky, she is friendly, she is optimistic. She sees the best in people and the best in the universe. This doesn't mean she doesn't ever get down or isn't realistic at all. She can get scared, she gets mad, she's been known to fall into sarcastic snippiness. She isn't little Miss Mary Sunshine all the time, but she does try to brighten the lives of those around her. She loves her Captain and her crew on the starship Serenity--that ship is her home and that crew is her family. She is fiercely loyal, determinedly brave and scrupulously fair. Her main fault is that she does not give the same charity of spirit to herself that she gives to others. In love with a man she sees as far above her station, she lets his opinion of her world color hers sometimes. By turns defensive and despondent, Kaylee allows Simon Tam to sway her views of herself. Where she normally has a very good sense of herself, when it comes to him it falters and she can feel she isn't good enough. However, just when she's getting down on herself, she'll turn around and snap at him about his snobbery and reassert herself as being fine the way she is. It's a delicate balance she walks between wanting to be more and acceptance of self.

Physical Description: Medium height (around 5'5"), long light brown hair, brown eyes, fair skin that's often times smudged a bit with grease. She's often to be found wearing overalls, though when she wants something a bit nicer, she loves peasant blouses and prairie dresses.

Disclaimer: This is a fictional journal for use in dontrightly_die, hearts_andminds and other prompt and RP communities. I am not Kaylee, nor do I own her in any way. Kaylee is a fictional character from Firefly/Serenity and as such is owned by the amazing Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy productions. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made.

Mun can be found at ladyofbrileith

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