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Ain't that many flowers out in the black. They don't grow so well in the life support systems on the boat. Or maybe they would if any of us had a knack for it. I keep wanting to ask Shepherd if we hooked up some sort of heating system maybe he could do some of his gardening on board and then maybe we'd have fruits and vegetables more often rather than just protein. Seems to me if Alliance can make it work, surely we can, right? He could water them and stuff...I mean, yeah, we'd have to take on more water, but water ain't really something we don't end up having, so I don't think it really ought to be a problem.

But if he did have a sort of garden, then he could have flowers. It would brighten the place up a lot and it's real hard not to be cheerful when you're surrounded by growing things.

I got them all painted on the door to my bunk, and my walls and then the kitchen. Lots of flowers. Lots of colors. Captain sort of rolled his eyes at me when I started painting them and told me to keep them off of the engine at least. He acted all tetchy, but he's pretty good about laying down the law, so I figure if he had a real problem with them, he'd say so.

I just think they make things look a lot prettier, don't you?
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