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[ooc: space? time? what are these things of which you speak? ;) No. Don't ask where she got him on board. Or how she got him in the future.]

Kaylee was all for getting right on that taking care of needs plan, or she had been, until Warren asked to see Serenity. Because wanting to see Serenity, being interested in her? Well, in Kaylee's mind that was about the best thing a person could want to see and learn about. Taking care of needs folk might be having could happen later. Weren't no reason in the 'verse the tour couldn't end in her bunk. Or the engine room. Whichever. Just needed to devise some sort of system so the Captain weren't just walking in to the engine room unannounced. Bunk might be better. All sorts of folk might come walking into the engine room an' really River was a might bit too...something...to be walkin' in on that.

That Warren was only a year or so older than River and Kaylee only a year or so older than Warren didn't even register as a blip on the radar of Kaylee's logic. Some things just weren't about age.

She wound her fingers through his and tugged him on board, smiling brightly.

"This here's the hold, obviously. It's where we keep the cargo." Weren't much in there right now 'cept the mule and some crates. "Or it's where we keep it when we have it."


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