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2008-02-25 02:50 pm
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[List] Things you need to do more often

Kiss Simon
Make the Captain listen when we really do need a new part.
Wash my face
See if Inara will brush my hair out. It always looks so pretty when she does it.
Play jacks with River
Clean the engine room
Have strawberries
Maybe target practice a bit more, case something happens again.
Kiss Simon
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2008-02-01 03:13 pm
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[List] 8: Strengths and weaknesses


Skill with mechanics
Sunny disposition
My friends


Ain't much good with a gun
Don't have mun in the way of polish
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2007-12-18 09:20 am
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Naughty or Nice List


Fixed Serenity
Fixed Serenity without money for parts, so had to do it all with my own ingenuity.
Gave River my jacks set.
Didn't kiss that boy on Persephone.


Found myself swearin' a bit mor'n my folks'd like to hear.
Told the Captain 'bout River shootin' those folks
Couldn't shoot them myself.
Let Serenity break when I were too distracted an' not payin' attention.
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2007-12-15 12:15 pm
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List 001 -- Introduction -- 10 facts about me

1. Ain't nowhere I'd rather be than right here on this ship, out in the black.
2. Been going on well over a year since I had anything twixt my nethers that weren't run on batteries.
3. I'm getting a might tetchy 'bout #2
4. Strawberries are my favorite food.
5. I'm a genius mechanic.
6. I'm also a girl, who likes girl things. These two things ain't mutually exclusive no matter what some folks might think.
7. Ain't nothing I wouldn't do for my Captain, or any of the others on the crew.
8. Serenity's my girl. You insult her, I ain't gonna be so sweet about it.
9. I don't miss my "home" at all. Serenity's home. She and the folks on her are all I need. 'Cept maybe a certain doctor sharin' my bunk.
10. I don't like shootin' things much.
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2007-12-06 12:28 pm
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RoTM 1.85.9 -- Changing things

If I could change just one thing about my appearance, it would be trying to be more elegant. Like Inara. Ain’t much of a bother most days. I know I’m not hideous, an’ I like to think no one’d want to put a bag over my head before takin’ me to bed. Then again, it’s been so long, I ain’t entirely sure that ain’t the case. Hard to remember, sometimes. But that ain’t the point really. Most days, I’m just fine with me and the mirror.

But sometimes, when I’m sitting in my bunk and I see the dress the Captain got me to wear to this party once? Sometimes I wish I could be more like her. That I could keep myself neat and clean and wear the most beautiful dresses and have men and women both wanting me, though I ain’t sure what to do with the women, necessarily. But, it sure would be shiny to have that, just for a few days.

‘Course her dresses wouldn’t be no use in the engine room, and it ain’t like it’s exactly possible to stay clean in there when I’m workin’ to keep things going smooth, and ain’t no way in the ‘verse I’d rather be anything but Serenity’s mechanic, not really. But maybe…maybe if I could look like her, and wear my hair all pretty and my clothes just so…maybe then it wouldn’t seem like I’m worlds beneath anything he anyone might notice an’ want to pull into his their life.

Though, I guess, if someone don’t want me for who I am, they ain’t really much worth wanting.

But…it’d be nice, you know? Some days.
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2007-11-26 10:21 am
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RoTM 1.83.1c -- Byron

The flower itself was a thing of rare and fragile beauty, tucked between a couple of pipes. It was bright pink, fading to red at the tips, like someone had taken it and dipped it lightly into a scarlet dye, scattering droplets of color in its wake. Kaylee's fingers brushed over a petal, half expecting it to disappear under her fingers or be made of silk, but soft as the petal was, it was also real.

A piece of paper hung from the stem, tied with a bit of ribbon the same color as the scarlet petal tips. She unrolled it, something fierce burning in her stomach and fluttering around like a pack of butterflies she'd heard tell about. Just four simple lines were scrawled there in a strong, but pretty, hand.

There be none of Beauty's daughters
With a magic like Thee;
And like music on the waters
Is thy sweet voice to me

That was it. No signature, no rest of the poem, but it weren't like there was more than one person on the ship who'd go around leaving notes like that.  )

OOC: River, Inara and Simon borrowed without permission of their muns and nothing in this fic should be considered at all binding on them. Unless any of them would like to pick it up and play along at any point. *g*
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2007-11-08 08:05 pm

Taken from [livejournal.com profile] renegadeinexile....

An' I gotta say, this is about the most disturbin' thing I've ever seen.

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This Fun Quiz created by Georgie at BlogQuiz.Net
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2007-10-12 01:07 pm
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RoTM Mandatory Mun Prompt

Name of Muse: Kaylee Frye
Fandom/Type of Muse (example – Star Wars/Original Character): Firefly/Serenity
Link to muse profile page: http://xiaomeimei.livejournal.com/profile
Mun name, nickname or handle: Bria
Best way to get a message to the mun: email bria.ferguson at gmail dot com
Do you use AIM or any other IM? AIM -- ladyofbrileith
One hundred words about the muse that everyone should know:

Kaylee is post-Serenity, mostly, except for not having a Simon to RP with, so I've made her sort of single unless we should get one who wants to play that out.
She's the mechanic for the Firefly vessel Serenity under the command of Capt. Malcolm Reynolds.
An eternal optimist, Kaylee rarely gets down for long. She's not quite a Pollyanna, though. She's terrified of dying, and freezes up when asked to shoot people--though less after the battle with the Reavers. She's a bit lonely and disgruntled about not having a special someone of her own, but with that optimistic streak, she lives in eternal hope.
She's friendly and trusting to the point that it could work to her detriment, but somehow her always seeing the good in people seems to bring it out, and she is blessed to feel like a part of a large, loving family.
She loves Serenity like the ship is a person, and can't imagine ever leaving her.

Prompt only, or available to roleplay? Both!
Posting tag: Kaylee Frye
Link to memories or tag page showing RotM posts: http://xiaomeimei.livejournal.com/tag/rotm
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2007-10-12 01:03 pm
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RoTM 1.78.3 -- Poker

Kaylee watched the other four sitting around the table. Jayne was sprawling a bit, no manner of manners at all, picking at his teeth while he studied the cards. Mal and Zoe both gave nothing away, though she weren’t particularly sure that they didn’t have some sort of system worked out the way they was winning most of the hands between them. Mal was relaxed, least a bit, a little smile on his lips. Zoe, too, looked to be enjoying herself, and all things considered, Kaylee was right glad to see that for a change. Truth was, they all still missed Wash something fierce, but life went on and they had to or they’d stay still an die, and that weren’t a’tall what he’d have wanted.

Of course, it was Simon who kept her gaze the longest. He didn’t seem t’understand the idea of a poker face in the least, every card he got reflected clear on his expression. His bluffing skills weren’t nothing at all, despite the fact she knew for a fact he’d pulled a good one a time or two. Weren’t like he was ever gonna let her die, that time she’d got shot. Even she’d known that, but Mal sure had believed him then. Seemed as if when River’s life weren’t on the line, he lost that skill, though, ‘cause he had to be about the worst poker player she’d ever seen.

“Kaylee, it’s your turn,” Mal said, his voice cutting across her reverie. “Mind you pay a bit of attention to the game, you hear?”

Kaylee knew her cheeks were hot as she looked down at her cards, then around the table again, before tossing another scrap of paper with her chores written down on it into the pile. “I’m in, with dishes for a week.”

Simon frowned more, and Kaylee could tell, sure as could be, that he ought to fold and take his losses. Likely, they could all tell that, but he glanced at her, then tossed a scrap of paper in. “I’m in, with washing out the cargo room.”

Jayne shook his head. “Boy, you really ain’t got a lick of sense, do you?”

It fell out as it had to, with Simon ending up with a mess of chores in front of him, including most of Kaylee’s.

“Don’t worry,” she said, voice low, when the other’s had gone off to celebrate their victory. “I’ll help.”

He shook his head, hand covering hers, just briefly. “No. You take the week and just relax a bit. Spend some time playing with River or doing whatever you want to do. You deserve some free time.”

“I ain’t the only one,” she protested, but his hand on hers was right distracting, and she wasn’t sure she wanted him to take it away, ever.

He didn’t, at least not right away. In fact, he held it a bit tighter and a bit longer, and when he let it go, he was still smiling that smile that made her all warm on the inside and chores and poker were the two last things on her mind.
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2007-10-10 10:25 am
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RoTM 1.77.3 - Innocence versus Lack of Guilt

Time was when I'd have told you that there weren't really any difference between the two. If you weren't guilty, then you were innocent. But turns out there's a lot of differences, and maybe the having of one ain't quite the same as not having the other. What I mean to say is, I think there ain't a lot of innocence left in the 'verse. Maybe some folks, somewhere, but when it comes down to it, even folks you might think to be innocent ain't, not really.

Take River, for example. Butai zheng-chang de, an' ain't no one gonna disagree with that, no matter how much we love her. An' after some of what she did in that bar, from what I heard, I ain't exactly sure she ain't guilty of a thing or two. Leastways she's awful good at helpin' the Captain read folks now, an' it probably ain't right to say any of us lack at least a smidgen of guilt, the way we live our lives, dong ma? Spend most of our time doing things that the law might take objection to. But for all that, I'd tell anyone who thought to say different that River's innocent. 'Course then you think 'bout what those folks did to her, an' I have to wonder if she feels innocent anymore. Have to wonder if, bein' able to read all of us, see in our heads the things goin' on and knowin' the things she knows, if she can be innocent still. just a thought, a hunch, a part of me that says yes. Some part of her retains that little bit that most folk lose, an' if that's because of her not bein' quite right, well, then, maybe it's a good thing.

I was guilty of a right mess of things before I came on board. Sneakin' out when I weren't supposed to. Boys who might've been a bit too young, rightly, for me to have been messin' 'round with, though I still say that weren't my fault. Talkin' back to my folks, an' always wantin' more than they could give. An' ain't no one going to tell you that I ain't guilty of a whole mess of stuff since joinin' up. It's a life of crime, sure enough, an' even if it is honest labor, too, I probably wouldn't have much defense before a court of law, if I even ever got that far.

But still, lookin' back on that girl I was, an' thinking about all the things that happened since, the things I've seen an' learned that people can do to each other...I think it may be that I was still innocent, before, misbehavin' an' all. Ain't so sure you can say that anymore.

Ain't sure I mind.
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2007-09-27 10:40 am
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RoTM 1.76.2 -- Best eating

Ain't nobody gonna tell you that we get the best food out here in the black. We make do with protein and other processed things, canned goods and the like. I try to make it a bit more festive than it might be, but really, there's only so much you can do with most of that.

When we get something fresh, like when the Preacher came on board, it's a real treat. And to my way of thinking, there's nothing that's more of a treat than fresh, real strawberries. Right when they're all ripe and bursting with juice. They're sweet, but not too sweet, 'cause they've always got just that bit of tartness to them. You bite in, an' it's like a little bit of heaven dancing there on your tongue with the sweet and tart all mingling and making your tongue curl up and your cheeks tingle.

I can't ever stop at just one, but I'll take as long as I can with that one, making every bite mean somethin' special, 'cause you never know when you're going to get another one. You got to make it last, and if there's more than one, you got to make that last even longer. It won't do just to gobble them up without takin' the time to savor them, really feel the way they feel and the way that they taste.

At this party we went to once, they had 'em served with cream. It was real cream, too, all thick and sweet, but, like the strawberries, not too sweet. Just right. The strawberries seemed tarter for it, and the cream just swirled all around them like the clouds scattered through a clear atmosphere when you're bringing the ship in low and they just lie there and make everything that much prettier.

I can't think of anything better in the 'verse, least not for eating.
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2007-09-27 10:09 am
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For [livejournal.com profile] sixwordstories

Life's good; wish it were perfect.
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2006-08-09 08:28 am

Library of the Four Winds Challenge 06#24 -- Bubble

Weren't much on the rock I grew up on. Folks came an' went for trade occasionally. Mostly prairie, mostly farms. Same folk you knew as a child were the folk you knew as a teenager an' would be the folk you married, raised children an' died with. No one new came an' stayed I reckon. Most excitin' thing was when a ship would land, stay for a bit. Sometimes town went off and threw a party, sayin' they'd arrived just in time for this or that festival. Gave the girls time t'dance with new fellas, which didn't really make the boys at home all that happy, but they knew soon enough the ship would leave an' the girls would be theirs again.

Who else were they gonna turn to?

Sometimes folk signed on to those ships, headed off the rock an' never looked back, but that were rare. We weren't the place people came lookin' to hire on new crew.

It was isolatin' sometimes, but it was protected, too. We were too far in from the border for Reavers to pay us much mind, and too far out from the Core for Alliance to interfere too much. We were just...us, I reckon. An' we never changed. It was suffocatin' in its own way, an' I dreamed about breakin' out an' away for most of my life. Didn't think it'd ever happen, though. Weren't no ships came 'round that didn't have a mechanic on board already. Even Serenity had one.

But when he couldn't fix her, an' I did, everything changed. I got a chance to break outta there, an' I took it. I miss my folks sometimes, an' it's always nice to get mail from them, but I ain't ever goin' back in there, trapped like that. I'll take my ship, an' my Captain, an' the black expanse any day an' twice on Sundays over livin' back there again.
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2006-05-25 01:13 pm

(no subject)

Kaylee had discovered that Warren made a very nice pillow, being as how her bunk was a bit too narrow and necessitated them sleeping curled up close together. Not that she were adverse to that anyway. He was warm, and the ship was more often than not a bit on the cold side. But sleeping with someone else after so long of not doing it was a bit disconcerting as well, and she found herself awake earlier than she might otherwise have been.

She smiled and stretched a little, content to watch him sleep, listening to his breathing. She weren't sure exactly when how or if this had become something more than scratching an itch, but having him here felt good. Right. The way he'd fit in so nicely so quick, and just having someone who looked at her and saw her were one of the nicest treats she'd had in a long time.

She was tempted to wake him up, but refrained, closing her eyes again to snuggle into him.
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2006-05-23 03:16 pm
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From the Captain

You scored as Kaylee. "I like to meet new people! They've all got stories..."




















Firefly: Which Big Damn Character Are You?
created with QuizFarm.com
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2006-05-18 01:36 pm
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Touring Serenity [For Warren, River and Simon]

[ooc: space? time? what are these things of which you speak? ;) No. Don't ask where she got him on board. Or how she got him in the future.]

Kaylee was all for getting right on that taking care of needs plan, or she had been, until Warren asked to see Serenity. Because wanting to see Serenity, being interested in her? Well, in Kaylee's mind that was about the best thing a person could want to see and learn about. Taking care of needs folk might be having could happen later. Weren't no reason in the 'verse the tour couldn't end in her bunk. Or the engine room. Whichever. Just needed to devise some sort of system so the Captain weren't just walking in to the engine room unannounced. Bunk might be better. All sorts of folk might come walking into the engine room an' really River was a might bit too...something...to be walkin' in on that.

That Warren was only a year or so older than River and Kaylee only a year or so older than Warren didn't even register as a blip on the radar of Kaylee's logic. Some things just weren't about age.

She wound her fingers through his and tugged him on board, smiling brightly.

"This here's the hold, obviously. It's where we keep the cargo." Weren't much in there right now 'cept the mule and some crates. "Or it's where we keep it when we have it."
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2006-05-18 10:24 am

Library of the Four Winds Challenge 06#15 - Flower

Ain't that many flowers out in the black. They don't grow so well in the life support systems on the boat. Or maybe they would if any of us had a knack for it. I keep wanting to ask Shepherd if we hooked up some sort of heating system maybe he could do some of his gardening on board and then maybe we'd have fruits and vegetables more often rather than just protein. Seems to me if Alliance can make it work, surely we can, right? He could water them and stuff...I mean, yeah, we'd have to take on more water, but water ain't really something we don't end up having, so I don't think it really ought to be a problem.

But if he did have a sort of garden, then he could have flowers. It would brighten the place up a lot and it's real hard not to be cheerful when you're surrounded by growing things.

I got them all painted on the door to my bunk, and my walls and then the kitchen. Lots of flowers. Lots of colors. Captain sort of rolled his eyes at me when I started painting them and told me to keep them off of the engine at least. He acted all tetchy, but he's pretty good about laying down the law, so I figure if he had a real problem with them, he'd say so.

I just think they make things look a lot prettier, don't you?
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2006-05-18 10:10 am
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Library of the Four Winds Challenge 06#17 -- Fly

She flies and that's about the most important thing, least to most of us. It's my job to keep her flying, and that's what I do. Or try to do. Most of the time she lets me know when something ain't right. Gives me time to get her fixed. Keep her in the air. That's all the Captain asks. What he gave me the job for. I get to keep my job so long as I keep her flying.

I almost didn't once. I let her down. Didn't hear what she was telling me. See, there was this compression coil and Captain was right, it don't do much of anything, least not until it ain't working. Then you're in trouble. Engines don't turn. And if the engines don't turn, well, then she don't fly and there ain't no air for the rest of us neither.

Captain got that one fixed all on his own and I was real proud of him.

Rest of the time though, she flies good and true. She's my good girl and me and her, we're a team, despite everything some folks do to try and knock her out of the sky like trying to reenter atmo just a bit too fast. Ain't the engine's fault when we go hurtling toward the ground then, but I got to say, I do worry about her then quite a bit. Worry someday she's gonna stop flying and won't be nothing we can do to get her up again.

But that day ain't here yet. For today? She's flying real good and so are we.